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The fund Palladio invests in Santi

Palladio acquires a majority share in the Brescia-based tank producer

 06 Dec 2019

Prontofoods acquires Crastan: a 170-million group is born

The Tuscan company of coffee substitutes was acquired by Prontofoods. Pensante: “it is an operation that strengthens the Made in Italy”

 15 Nov 2019

Belpietro acquires Panorama thanks to Brescia

Conservative editor Maurizio Belpietro from Palazzolo, Brescia, acquired the Italian magazine Panorama with the legal advice of the Italian law firm Bonelli Erede, the law firm R&P Legal and the Advisory of two local representatives, Guglielmo Ruggeri and Enrico Scio of Futuro all’Impresa. Francesco Gatti, also from Brescia, will advise the editor on how to relaunch its business.

 3 Nov 2018

Belpietro acquires Mondadori’s Panorama

Maurizio Belpietro, editor and director of the daily newspaper La Verità, has recently acquired Panorama. Under this new property, the magazine will still be available in kiosks to fuel staff employment. Had the magazine not found a new owner, Mondadori would have ceased its publication. Belpietro closed the deal thanks to the advice of law firms BE, R&P and FAI Advisory.

 01 Nov 2018

(FFG) Fair Friend Group’s Acquisitions

Our unique business-focused strategic advice was paramount to enable leading Taiwanese machine tool company FFG to acquire the four historic Italian grinding manufacturers, Favretto, Meccanodora, Tacchella and Morara, through its affiliate company.

 24 Mag 2017

Sansera Engineering acquires Mape Sweden

Our most recent M&A completed deal involved two foreign businesses in the car manufacturing industry.

It saw Indian Sansera Engineering, headquartered in Bangalore, acquire engine company Mape Sweden, with the support of our Advisory Team.

13 Mag 2017